AVG AntiVirus 2013 (32 & 64 Bit) 1 Year OEM Full Version

AVG AntiVirus 2013 (32 & 64 Bit) 1 Year OEM Full Version

by BlueTooth » Mon 29 Jul 2013, 11:47 pm


About AVG:
You use your computer every day, you need protection that’s always there, constantly keeping you safe. AVG Antivirus 2013 is one of a range of award winning AVG products designed to provide you with peace of mind and total security for your PC. As with all AVG 2013 products, AVG Antivirus 2013 has been completely re-designed, from the ground up, to deliver AVG’s renowned and accredited security protection in a new, more user friendly and efficient way.

With AVG Antivirus 2013, you get hassle-free protection for your windows PCs from all types of malware threats including viruses, adware, spyware, worms, rootkits, and more. Thanks to AVG Protective Cloud Technology and AVG Community Protection Network, emerging threats are identified “in the cloud” and prevented from infecting your computer via AVG’s automatic updates to your anti-virus software. In addition to traditional antivirus protection, AVG Antivirus 2013 also delivers great preventative protection that blocks infected links and files as you surf, checking everything before you click through, in addition Email Protection examines incoming messages for potential threats and AVG Anti-Rootkit scanner detects and removes dangerous rootkits that hide malicious software that seeks to take control of your computer.


32 Bit:
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64 Bit:

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Install & follow onscreen prompts.License are inbuilt & Pre- Activated

This promotion is offered by Huawei and is not available in certain countries.
You have to download and install AVG using the special installers to receive your free subscription.
The special installers have a license key inbuilt into them that will provide free 374 days of subscription.
If the download link listed above does not work for you, then the promotion is not available in your country.
How to Download Uppit Host site
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